Beautyrobic selfness toning


Meet the new movement, the Beautyrobic which is rather a Selfness trend because it is forming not only your appearance, but emphasize your sexual appeal and confidence as well.

Sexy moves:

During the training not only your body will be amazingly beautiful, but you can learn what you need for sexy moves like how to rock your hip or how to shake your bottom, to gain an irresistible charm. You will be able to use your body consciously and your body culture will improve. The training is not choreographed, the exercises are easy to follow. We reach the fat loss with repeating the body moves continuously.

Fat loss and toning:

Beautyrobic has big emphasis on the area of the hip, bottom, abs and back. The basic element of the training is to slim and form these parts. This sequel of movements has intensive body shaping effects on the abs and no mercy for the fat on the hip. The bottom, the legs, the arms are also get toned. It strengthens the back and it helps to gain good posture. After a month, it makes significant changes on the area of the hip and abs.

Hot room-detoxification-skin beautifying:

The temperature is about 25-32 degrees; it intensively helps fat and other toxins leave the body. It is not only an effective way to lose weight, but it makes the skin look more beautiful and it detoxifies the whole body. The hot air helps the muscles warm up to avoid injuries.

Self confidence:

The beauty – it sounds simple, but it is true – comes from the inside. On Beautyrobic classes we activate your feminine energy and it has further positive effects on your private life: self confidence, sexual appeal and positive, sexy attitude. Experience your irresistible and beautiful body!

Thrilling music:

During the training there is amazing music that helps stress relief.

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